Monday, April 9, 2012

Sarah Boop's Campfire Cookie Treats

It was Mark's birthday on Thursday so that meant he didn't have to work(isn't that cool?) and he had Good Friday off too.... So we decided to go camping! We headed out Wednesday afternoon for Lake Bob Sandlin State Park near Pittsburg, Texas. It is one of our favorite spots and just over an hour from home.

I woke up frrrreezing on Friday morning so I stoked the fire and got a good one going with the last of our firewood. By the time it died down the girls were awake and hungry. Sarah thought it would be awesome to have grilled Chips Ahoy cookies, and she was right! But what really made them special was what she did next....

2 cookies per person
1 marshmallow per person(or treat, however you choose to see this, I don't judge!)

Put the cookies on a cooler part of the grill. Wasn't our fire ring the best? I LOVE the flip grate!! Roast the marshmallows over the coals to desired doneness. I do mine ever-so-slowly so the insides are pretty much liquid while the outside is a nice golden brown. The girls burn theirs. Anyway, carefully lift a cookie off the grate, apply a marshmallow, and then another cookie. Eat up and thank Sarah later!!

(Sarah and friend)